Electronic waste truck

Our Service

We know that the most effective way for us to divert ewaste from landfill and export is to provide a quality service that our customers can rely on. The better our service is, the more customers we attract, the less ewaste sent to landfill and off-shore, pretty simple equation really.
Our service is fast, professional and simple, here’s how it works…


Call 1800ewaste (1800 392 783) or fill in our online booking form.
We will explain our pricing system, estimate how much your job will cost and arrange a suitable time for your ewaste collection.


Our friendly drivers will give you a call 20-30 minutes before they arrive.

They will also confirm the cost with you before any loading begins.

If we arrive after the promised 2-hour time slot, we’ll pay you $1 per minute in cash for every minute we’re late (up to 60 minutes – full details here).

Our drivers will do all the work; you don’t have to lift a finger.


Once we have your ewaste loaded in the truck we will deliver it to the appropriate recycling facilities, where 95-98% (by weight) will be fully recycled for future use.

To read more about the recycling process click here

Please let us know if you have any other queries or feedback regarding our service.