1800ewaste has introduced a new electronic waste recycling scheme to make our service more accessible to everyone. Just purchase one of our 3 sized pre paid satchels, and you can post us your small amounts of electronic waste with the peace of mind it won’t end up in Landfill and recycled here in Australia to International ISO 14001 Standards.

0-5kg Satchel will cost $49.95
6-10kg Satchel is $74.95
11-20kg satchel is $99.95.

Fill out the form below and one of our operators will call you to organise your satchel or just call us on 1800 392 783

We accept the following items cords, cables, calculators, small kitchen appliances, Hair styling appliances, electric tooth brushes, digital cameras, mobile phones, chargers, Modems,routers, remote controls, laptops, tablets, small LCD and small printers…..what ever can fit in the bag that is electronic.

(CRT televisions or screens are not permitted)

If you have any questions about what you can put in the bags please call us on 1800 392 783

Or send us an email

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