The 5th June 2011, will see the United Nations celebrate its annual World Environment Day. Every year the UN use the 5th June to raise awareness of environmental issues facing the world today as well as encourage political action. This year’s theme focuses on Forests: Nature at your service and stresses the need to protect and support the world’s forests.

World Environment Day – A good time to think about recycling your electronic waste

Even though the United Nations might be concentrating their efforts on the forests this year, there are still hundreds of other ways that we can help look after our environment. At 1800Ewaste we will be stepping up our efforts to combat one of the largest issues facing Australia today – electronic waste.

Electronic waste – Australia’s fastest growing waste stream.

Australians are among the highest users of new technology in the world, and the stockpile of obsolete computers, televisions and white goods just keeps on growing. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 1.6 million computers were sent to Australian landfills in 2006, and this number will no doubt have increased with the introduction of exciting and innovative new technologies such as the iPad, kindles and HD televisions. Founder of World Environment Day, the United Nations, estimates that up to 50 million tonnes of ewaste are thrown away globally every year.

So how can electronic waste damage our health?

One of the main reasons that obsolete electronics have become such a problem is due to the ever evolving advances in electronics and the ousting of older technologies. CRT monitors for example, the old style of television and computer screens have been replaced with plasma and LCD screens. CRT monitors are among the most common visitors to the tip, along with the 4-8lb of lead that it contains. When allowed to seep into soil and water streams, lead can be detrimental to the environment.

Lead, Mercury and Nickel – It’s all in your electronic waste.

As well as lead, electronic waste is also packed full of mercury, nickel and other hazardous chemicals. Burning these toxins in an uncontrolled environment, such as your local tip, release poisonous fumes into the atmosphere – fumes that can be carcinogenic and cause serious health problems.

World Environment Day – take the time to look after your world, your health and your electronic waste.

So, it might be time to make a change this 5th June, or for the rest of June for that matter and make one step to looking after your world’s environment. 1800Ewaste can take out the complications of recycling your obsolete electronics by collecting and recycling it all for you. What’s more, 1800Ewaste only use IS014001 approved refineries within Australia – strictly no reselling, no exporting and 95-98% of all electronic waste we collect is recycled.

So call us today on 1800 392 783, where one of our electronic waste specialists are waiting to assist you and provide you with an obligation free quote. We look forward to hearing from you.