As e waste continues to expand and spiral out of control, it is essential for consumers to take note and begin to comprehend the environmental effect of e-waste.

What is e waste?

E waste stands for Electronic Waste and encompasses all old technology whether it is broken, obsolete, or simply discarded after being replaced by newer models and includes everything from VCR players, computer printers and video games.

In order to avoid your old technology from adding to the e waste statistics, it is important to recycle!

Prior to simply throwing your old technology out, consider your options.

  • Do you have a family member or friend who might consider your trash to be their treasure?
  • Is your ‘trash’ in good condition? Can it be sold on eBay or somewhere similar?
  • Can you donate your old technology to a local organization?

Lastly, if none of these tips are feasible, you can simply recycle your e-waste.

With the current environmental focus worldwide, recycling treatment plants are frequently popping up everywhere.

A simple Google search should allow you to find a nearby facility at which to dispose of your old technology.

It is important to be receptive to the many available options, so you don’t simply contribute to a growing, worldwide problem.