A recent investigation by Dateline has revealed the shocking truths behind the illegal export of electronic waste. At 1800Ewaste, we’re no strangers to writing articles and posting videos showing clips of electronic waste being dumped and burnt in developing countries, but even we were appalled by what we saw when SBS approached us for this investigation. Take a look at the video if you don’t believe us, and watch out for some familiar names and faces while you’re at it.

“Destroying the air quality…..irreparable damage to your health”

Electronic waste and its effects The Dateline investigation shows the very real damage that illegally exporting electronic waste both to human health and the environment. Children as young as 15 are being exposed to toxic fumes as they burn and melt wires to extract the tiny amounts of copper inside.

The toxic fumes are also filling the air and contaminating the fruit and veg, so even if local traders and shoppers can escape the smoke, they’ll still be ingesting the toxins in some way. The consequences of being exposed to such hazardous fumes can lead to serious health problems including cancer and miscarriage.

Australian electronic waste: Australian ewaste recyclers.

At 1800Ewaste we are committed to recycling all of your electronic waste within Australia to ISO140001 standard. You can rest assured that absolutely nothing we collect is ever exported, resold or reused. With customer service as one of top priorities, recycling your ewaste no longer needs to be a chore either.

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