As the largest city in Australia, Sydney contributes the most E-Waste within the country.

For the over 4 million residents of Australia’s largest city, it is important to understand where and how their electronics can be properly disposed of in order to lead the rest of the nation with this positive habit.

Rather than allow old, outdated or broken electronics litter landfills across New South Wales, Sydney residents should be aware of the following E-Waste solutions, to curb the national trend of a growing E-Waste problem.

As in most areas, the services of 1300 RUBBISH, 1800 EWASTE will ensure the proper disposal of your electronics at a very affordable, low fee.

Similar companies within New South Wales include Australian Computer Resources, which does not charge for collection but is purely aimed at small businesses and has a 5 item minimum.

Also, The Bower, which asks for a $5 donation but does not have an item minimum.

Within Sydney in particular, there are many other pursuable options.

In late 2008, the largest E-Waste recycling plant in the Southern Hemisphere was opened in Sydney.

The facility operates by diverting electronics from landfills and recycling approximately 98% of those goods.

Additionally, at the beginning of each November is National Recycling Week.

Traditionally, the city of Sydney offers its residents to drop off their old electronics and potential E-Waste for recycling.

Similarly, the website allows you to pinpoint E-Waste recycling facilities through imputing your postcode which may be handy for Sydney residents perhaps in the outer suburbs.

Regardless of which method you choose to dispose of your E-Waste, it is obvious that there are a multitude of options available for Sydney residents.

Australians need to take note and take the growing E-Waste problem within our country and follow the lead of other countries around the world.

As facilities are easily accessible, especially in the larger cities such as Sydney, there is simply no excuse for disposing of electronics through landfill.