The world’s endemic E-Waste problem continues to grow and spiral rapidly out of control…

…as people continue to incorrectly dispose of their old electronics.

E-Waste is essentially old technology

E-Waste is essentially old technology no longer in use as it is broken, obsolete or has been replaced by a newer model. This encompasses everything from fax machines to printers to video game consoles.

As technology makes giant leaps and bounds at incredible rates E-Waste significantly multiplies as populations clamour for the new ‘best’ phone, computer and video game.

E-Waste statistics are frightening.

As I have previously discussed in other articles posted on this site, E-Waste statistics are frightening, including such facts as:

» E-Waste is the number one form of disposed rubbish in the world

» Millions of computers, televisions and other electronics litter landfills with each passing year

» Technology that isn’t in landfills is often just sitting in storage, never to see the light of day again!

E-Waste is overtaking landfills

When considering the information available, both through these articles and the internet as a whole, it is disturbing how E-Waste is overtaking landfills and impacting upon the environment.

This information, though confronting, should urge consumers worldwide to recycle their E-Waste.

Avoid allowing your old, broken and outdated technology from becoming another E-Waste statistic and PLEASE recycle!

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