At 1800Ewaste we like to keep track of new and developing government initiatives towards electronic waste. If you’ve read our other articles, you’ll know that one such initiative we’ve followed closely is one put forward by Product Stewardship Australia.

The PSA proposed a change to the way electronic waste was dealt with by passing back the responsibility of recycling to the manufacturer. However, according to the PSA the legislation aimed to be in place by 2011. We’re now nearly half way through the year and little seems to have changed in way of electronic waste recycling – so what has happened to the PSA?

Government requests changes to Australia’s best hope for an electronic waste  recycling initiative.

During an inquiry into the bill proposed by PSA, The Senate Environment Communications Legislation Committee raised several concerns and suggested several changes that need to be made. According to, senators Mary Jo Fisher and Simon Birmingham say that the bill has a number of ‘short comings’ that need to be reworked prior to enforcement.

Critics are wary of the ambiguity surrounding the specifications of what electronic products are covered by the legislation, and have recommended that an advisory board be established to assist with underlining exactly what products are covered within the legislation and organising them into a priority list.

Fisher and Birmingham are also concerned with the overlapping of state and territory legislation and have asked that state level product stewardship programmes be protected so as not to stunt or hinder existing developments.

Another set back for electronic waste recycling?

As a company, 1800Ewaste has already raised concerns about the length of time it’s taken for the Australian government to recognise the severity of our electronic waste issue. Despite promises from the PSA about what they can offer, there’s no doubt that it is far too late for millions of tonnes of electronic waste that have already ended up in landfill, or is being exported to developing countries. The longer it takes for the government to approve and enforce the legislation, the more ewaste will be wrongfully disposed of.

According to, ‘voluntary efforts have been insufficient and the electronics industry now welcomes a shared co-regulatory approach’ and the aim of PSA has always been to have the legislation up and running by 2011. Fortunately for PSA, the Fisher and Birmingham have specified that, subject to their recommendations, the Senate hope  to pass the Product Stewardship bill during the winter parliamentary sittings. Watch, this space – perhaps Product Stewardship will be here after all.

For more information on Product Stewardship Australia, have a look through our articles.

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