As technology continues to advance at lightening fast speeds, so does the amount of ewaste, accounting for obsolete items and those unwanted due to favourability of newer models. Ewaste stands for Electronic Waste and includes items such as old televisions, computers, printers, VCR’s and even mobile phones. These can either be in working condition or not.

Selling off your outdated technology

Taking advantage of sites such as eBay, craigslist and gumtree, or even the humble, old fashioned garage sale can help you to eradicate the unused technology piling up around your house. This is an easy way to make some fast cash off of your unwanted goods rather than just dumping them. Old Nintendo video games for example are always highly sought after on eBay and depending on the title can sell for up to $40. Similarly, in most cities, stores such as Cash Converters are more than happy to take those old DVD players and laptops off your hands while reimbursing you for your trouble!
However, while some have old electronics due to upgrades, others simply have broken printers or crashed computers sitting around their homes. While these obviously won’t collect as much money through the usual avenues you should remember that even if something isn’t in working condition there are always Mr. Fix-it types after a challenge!

Get rid of your useless ewaste responsibly

Nevertheless, there is always something that no one else will want, whether it is a TV with a cracked screen or old Playstation games scratched beyond recognition. For items such as these which cannot be otherwise environmentally disposed of, services such as 1800ewaste are available. They collect your Ewaste at a fee and take it to recycling facilities.

Other recycling methods for old recyclable electronic goods

Another popular service is the website by Planet Ark which details recycling information and facilities according to your State and postcode in order to ensure the correct disposal of recyclable materials including ewaste. This includes the current printer cartridge recycling program; outlets in your area at which you can dispose of old printer cartridges are displayed when you enter your State and postcode details.

How to book in your recycling for collection

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