Our electronic waste is filled with a veritable cocktail of toxic materials. Unfortunately when this ewaste is not recycled and simply thrown out with the garbage, ultimately ending up in landfill, it means both human health and the environment are at risk.

A report by Environment Victoria and Total Environment Centre Inc entitled “Tipping Point: Australia’s E-Waste Crisis/2009/Update” states the following affects from materials found in ewaste.

This toxic material has a well-documented history of negative health affects including brain damage, hence it’s removal from paints and petrol. The introduction of lead to the food chain and atmosphere (through lead combustion) are the primary causes of health problems in humans. Lead in the environment disrupts the natural functions of water and soil systems.

Mercury has a toxic affect on both human and environmental health. A small amount now exists in every household light-bulb (the new energy efficient CFLs), if these light-bulbs are crushed as part of the waste transfer process the elemental form of mercury is easily transferred into local environments. Once in landfill and combined with organics, anaerobic breakdown takes place leading to the production of highly toxic methyl-mercury.

Cadmium is cancer causing to humans. Within environmental systems it rapidly degrades soil health causing flow on effects to local ecosystems; it is also released to the atmosphere if burnt.

Brominated Flame Retardants
When ewaste is oxidized during smelting, bromine will be released. The released bromine may then recombine with unoxidized carbon under certain conditions in smelter emissions in the form of Brominated dioxins and furans.

Inhalation of beryllium or beryllium-containing dust, mist or fume, may cause a chronic lung disorder called beryllicosis in susceptible persons, and beryllium is a probable human carcinogen.

Arsenic is classified as a carcinogen.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Hazardous chemical additives (like phthalates) can leach when PVC components of electronic products are sent to landfill.

It’s our responsibility to ensure our future generations have access to a clean environment as we did. Recycling electronic waste is the only way to prevent these toxic materials from affecting human health and the environment in the future.

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