The term ewaste, otherwise known as electronic waste, is used to refer to unwanted and discarded appliances that run by electricity. Some of these items are PCs, consumer electronics, fridges, stereos and others which are all non-suitable for landfills disposal because of their heavy metal content. Apart from having hazardous materials, ewaste also contain valuable materials that need special handling as well as recycling treatment.

How Ewaste Poses Danger

If you take a look at a PC or at a mobile phone, you may have the impression that they are not dangerous. This is because we tend to quickly judge the outer casing yet fail to see what’s really inside these items. In reality, the components that are found inside an electronic product are the ones that pose danger to the environment as well as to people and animals. These components are made up of heavy metals, semi-metals and a number of chemical compounds, all of which can leak and then be absorbed into the soil, thus producing a hazardous effect. Some of these compounds which are found in a variety of electronic items include nickel, barium, copper, mercury, lead and arsenic. Such metals and chemicals are known causes of health issues in humans that include damaged organs, impaired cognitive function, diabetes, cancer and more.

Ewaste Removal Sydney

By disposing ewaste properly and responsibly, we can at least address these dangers and prevent them from bringing more harm to the environment. Our team at 1800ewaste can help you in loading your ewaste in the truck and deliver it to a respective recycling facility. We always make sure that 95 to 98 percent of ewaste is fully recycled and made ready for future use. You can always rely on the quality of service that we provide our customers. By winning more satisfied customers, we have an increased chance of decreasing the amount of ewaste into landfills as well as offshore.

Ewaste As A Growing Global Concern

The issue on ewaste should be treated as a global concern and something that we should all be aware of. This is because some ewaste recycling operation centers deliver ewaste material to countries that belong to the Third World category. This results to the existence of slave labour wherein children are the most vulnerable victims.

At 1800ewaste, we are committed to solely work hand in hand with ISO 14001 certified refineries as our way to help in eliminating any form of illegal activities that include slave labour and illegal waste disposal.

Ewaste Recycling Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide & Gold Coast

Compared to recycling other types of waste material, ewaste recycling is deemed as a complicated process. The parts are manually stripped apart and are made to undergo various delicate processes as a way to retrieve ewaste waterials by as much as 95 to 98 percent. The remaining raw materials such as metals, plastics, copper and glass are then put into good use thereby saving landfills from waste overflow and preventing the environment from further contamination. To book your ewaste for recycling, just dial 1800Ewaste, 1800 392 783 today or simply fill in our online form.