How Ewaste Pollution And Contamination Affect Human HealthEvery year, electronic waste or ewaste piles up around the world at an astonishing rate of 40 million tonnes, one of the fastest on record so far. It is also known that among all of the users of new technology worldwide, Australians rank as among the highest with a purchase rate of more than 2.4 million computers each year.

Harmful substances

Ewaste can come in several forms that include PCs, printers, photocopiers, faxes, batteries, monitors and cellular phones. Some of these ewaste items can be toxic and can cause damage to the environment. This is because ewaste contains harmful substances that can bring health problems to humans as well as poisonous substances that can contaminate the soil which can then enter the food chain.

These harmful substances are identified as cobalt (found in steel for magnets); cadmium (found in semiconductors); selenium (found in circuit boards); antimony trioxide; arsenic (found in cathode ray tubes); mercury (found in housing and switches); and lead (found in solder and cathode ray tubes).

Ewaste Removal Melbourne

With more than 100,000 tonnes of computers being disposed each year by the people in Australia, it’s no wonder why ewaste is now a growing concern. 1800Ewaste, the country’s largest ewaste removal company, is committed to support the best environmental practice by providing exceptional ewaste removal services. After launching 3 years ago, we have been able to recycle over 280 tonnes of ewaste. Apart from Melbourne, our ewaste removal services are also available in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney.

Ewaste Disposal Melbourne

Our team at 1800Ewaste provides responsible and reliable ewaste disposal services to help companies in Melbourne finally get rid of their ewaste-producing rubbish. We have the expertise you need to safely and securely dispose any of your unwanted office equipment. We also make sure that all types of hazardous substances from ewaste items are managed in the safest manner as possible.

Ewaste Recycling Melbourne

Most types of ewaste items contain a number of valuable resources which can be recycled and re-used. Many companies are willing to refurbish your old PC in order to help others who cannot afford to buy a new equipment. Ink cartridges are also refillable for reuse with the help of toner refill kits. Batteries such as alkaline are also rechargeable.

At 1800Ewaste, we recover as much as 95 to 98 percent of materials from ewaste after the recycling process. As a result, we are able to collect raw materials such as metals, plastics, copper and glass which are all put to good use, eventually saving the landfill and preventing environmental contamination. We collect and recycle ewaste from homes, offices, commercial and business establishments.

Call 1800Ewaste Removal Melbourne

If you need help in having your ewaste removed and disposed, simply give us a call at 1800Ewaste, 1800 392 783 to get a non-obligation quote for our services. You can also fill in our online form and give your details such as your name, valid email, phone and postcode. We service various areas in Melbourne and use only electronic waste recyclers that are accredited and governed by ISO 140001.