Ewaste Contamination MelbourneEwaste, if not carefully and properly disposed, can be harmful to the environment and to human health. Hazardous materials such as cadmium and beryllium are said to be found in most electrical and electronic equipment with each one bringing various and distinct levels of harmful and toxic effects.

Ewaste is also one of the types of waste that easily fills up landfills. When they are left to rot at such a long period of time, the toxic elements found in ewaste can leak and therefore enter the environment. Once the damage begins, it also tends to persist for several generations ahead.

Cadmium Contamination Melbourne

Cadmium is mostly found in rechargeable NiCd-batteries. There is also cadmium content among photocopiers (printer drums); printer toners and inks; and fluorescent layer (CRT screens).

Cadmium can cause harmful effects to the human respiratory, cardiovascular and renal systems. Some of these respiratory issues which are linked to cadmium inhalation include emphysema; chronic obstructive lung disease; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); lung cancer; chronic rhinitis; bronchitis development; and olfactory epithelium destruction with subsequent anosmia.

Apart from its harmful effects on humans, cadmium also causes an increase in an animal’s systolic blood pressure when chronically ingested. Some of these harmful effects include retention of sodium and water; increased blood levels of aldosterene; and depressed blood and tissue levels in an animal’s atrial natriuretic peptide.

There is also a link found between cadmium and the development of peripheral artery disease in humans.

Lastly, renal effects of cadmium include renal cortical necrosis; progressive renal tubular dysfunction; altered calcium metabolism; wasting of phosphate and calcium; glycosuria; and nephropathy.

Beryllium Contamination Melbourne

The harmful toxic element of beryllium is mostly found in power supply boxes which are said to contain x-ray lenses and silicon controlled rectifiers. Recently, beryllium has been classified as carcinogenetic since human exposure to it can cause lung cancer. The main issue of health concern is the human inhalation of beryllium mist, fume or dust. With constant exposure to beryllium, humans can develop the so-called beryllicosis (chronic beryllium disease) which affects the lungs. Other disease include wart-like bumps and poor wound healing in the human skin.

Ewaste Anti-Contamination Melbourne

If you have any old electrical and electronic equipment that you need to dispose, you can rely on 1800ewaste for all your ewaste disposal needs. Depending on the ewaste location and quantity, our company offers a wide range of collection options to suit every individual’s ewaste disposal requirements. Here are the following items that we accept as e-waste:

  1. computers
  2. monitors
  3. cables
  4. mobile phones
  5. faxes
  6. scanners
  7. DVD/video players

Simply dial 1800 392 783 to speak to our customer service team. We can organize a quick and reliable ewaste collection service right at your doorstep. Once your ewaste is collected, we then bring it to an ISO14001 certified recycling center where we recycle 95 to 98 percent (by weight) of the ewaste. The raw materials produced after the recycling process can be used to create new and useful products.