Ewaste Contamination AdelaideEwaste includes PCs, televisions, monitors, mobile phones, faxes, printers, photocopiers, stereos and any electronic product that is no longer in use because of being broken or obsolete. The most common generators of ewaste are households, government establishments, educational institutions and commercial premises.

There are also some instances when ewaste can include electrical products such as irons, coffee machines, airconditioners, refrigerators, toasters, vacuum cleaners, dryers and washing machines.

Barium Contamination Adelaide

Barium compounds such as barium carbonate and barium sulfate are normally used in certain industries that include textile, oil and gas, electronics, rubber and plastics. Barium is also used in glass-making, enamels, ceramic glazes, paper-making, brick-making, case-hardening of steel, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, as a lubricant additive and as a wetting agent for drilling mud.

With all of these various uses, it is not surprising to know that barium is not regarded as an important element for human nutrition. When there’s high concentration of barium, it leads to a number of health issues. These include vasoconstriction, peristalsis, paralysis and even death. However, there is no strong evidence of barium being carcinogenic.

Arsenic Contamination Adelaide

High levels of arsenic are said to be naturally present in the groundwater of several countries. It poses the greatest threat to human health by way of food preparation, drinking and food crops irrigation using contaminated groundwater. When exposed on a long term to contaminated food and drinking water, arsenic can cause skin lesions and cancer. Other health issues that are associated with arsenic include diabetes, neurotoxicity, cardiovascular disease and developmental effects. Some immediate symptoms of arsenic exposure include diarrhea, abdominal pain and vomiting.

Chronic arsenic poisoning, which occurs as a result of long-term inorganic arsenic exposure, can show characteristic effects such as skin cancer and skin lesions. Exposure happens when one drinks contaminated water, eating food that has been irrigated with arsenic-filled water and eating food that has been prepared with arsenic-rich water.

Ewaste Anti-contamination Adelaide

With the increasing volumes of ewaste in the community, it is therefore important to consider ways and solutions that would prevent further health-related contamination caused by these harmful elements. In view of this situation, 1800Ewaste provides full ewaste collection and anti-contamination services to residential and commercial locations in Adelaide as a way to contribute in solving the health issues brought by improper ewaste disposal.

Ewaste in Landfill

Ewaste items such as light bulbs, mobile phones and old batteries can leach toxic chemicals into the natural soil when they are disposed in landfills. Apart from its harmful effects on the soil, these items can also contaminate the groundwater table which is where our drinking water comes from. However, there are also some of these items that contain useful resources such as precious metals.

Our team at 1800Ewaste realizes the health hazards brought by disposing ewaste in landfills. What we do is instead of bringing your ewaste to landfills, we collect them and deliver them to designated and accredited recycling centers. These centers, all of which are governed by the international regulatory standard of ISO14001, would recycle up to 95 to 98 percent (by weight) of ewaste in order to make them available for future use.

To start enjoying the full benefits of our ewaste collection services, simply dial 1800Ewaste (1800 392 783) and our friendly customer service team will attend to your queries. Alternatively, you can opt to fill in our online form with your contact details and we will be contacting you at the soonest time possible.