The weather, our beaches, our heritage, our wonderful scenery, our exotic creatures, our skills on the Barbie…there are plenty of things that make Australia great and, at 1800Ewaste, we’re dedicated to keeping it that way. We’re passionate about diverting as much electronic waste from Australian landfill as humanly possible, by campaigning for electronic waste recycling across the country.

A CRT monitor in landfill can last a lifetime

The old style computer monitors and televisions are also known as CRT monitors and these monitors are jam packed with harmful chemicals. They have it all, from cadmium – a cancerous chemical, to lead and mercury. By sending our CRT monitors to landfill, we allow these poisonous chemicals to seep into our soil and water streams, destroying parts of Australian wildlife and the Australian environment that we are so proud of.  Mercury is so damaging, that just one drop can poison more than one million gallons of water, and it doesn’t stop there – it also reacts with oxygen to poison the air we breathe too. Scary stuff.

Proud to be an Australian company – recycling for our country

1800Ewaste was born right here, in Australia, and our entire recycling operation takes place right here too, in Australia. We care for our country and the environment we live in, we’re also dedicated to leaving our country and its beauty intact for future generations to enjoy. None of the electronic waste we collect is ever resold or reused – we recycle 95-98% (by weight) of our ewaste, so that it stays far away from landfill.

We also never export any of your electronic waste – all ewaste is recycling in Australian ISO140001 approved refineries – ensuring that your ewaste is recycled in line with global standards. It also helps provide more jobs right here in Australia too.

Keep Australia beautiful – don’t send your old televisions and computers to landfill.

It might seem like the easy option, but trust us – keeping our country in the manner to which we’ve become accustomed is a priority right now. The government has started to introduce new legislations to ensure landfills won’t accept electronic waste, and they are backing a new initiative ‘The Product Stewardship’ scheme, that will see the responsibility of recycling passed back to the manufacturer. However, progress is slow and, in the meantime, we need to ensure that we’re not littering our country with hazardous waste.

Call 1800Ewaste today and receive your obligation free quote to have your electronic waste collected and recycled. Our friendly customer service team will explain to you our processes, and can arrange a collection for a time that suits YOU. Should you wish to show off your accomplishment, we can also provide you with a Certificate of Recycling, so that you know that your ewaste has been correctly disposed of.

So, this Australia Day, while your lighting up the barbie and cracking open a bottle of beer, make sure you’ve made 2012 your year to make a difference to your country. Recycle you electronic waste with Australia’s number one recycling firm – keeping ewaste out of Australia’s landfills.

Happy Australia Day from everyone at 1800Ewaste.