Computers… it seems we just can’t live without them, so lets learn to live with them, recycling computers is an important part of a sustainable future.

The question is, what to do with your old computer when it’s no longer useful? Unfortunately, computer recycling is a relatively new term. Over the years millions of tonnes of computer equipment have ended up in landfill with dangerous toxic metals left to leach into the ground and eventually the waterways.

Thankfully, just like bottles, plastic bags, cans etc. recycling will also be the answer for computers.

What does computer recycling really mean?

Computer recycling is a detailed process, but in essence the electronic waste is broken down into its various components, ie. plastics, metals, glass etc. and from there, 95-98% (by weight) of these materials can be fully recycled for future use.

One of the biggest issues facing computer recycling

Lack of knowledge about computer recycling is the biggest hurdle at the moment. All too often computer equipment is dumped on the side of the road or simply just put out with the general rubbish, inevitably this means it will end up in landfill. This approach is simply not sustainable.

Our approach to recycling computer equipment

At 1800Ewaste we are passionate about diverting as much electronic equipment from landfill as possible, a large part of this is the recycling of computer equipment. We believe it’s a vital step in our continued journey with technological advancement. Our service is professional, fast and reliable, we’ll come to you, collect your computer equipment and deliver it to the appropriate recycling facility.

How to get your computer recycled…

If you’re interested in computer recycling or would just like to get rid of the general ewaste that’s no doubt cluttering up your garage or basement, please give us a call today on
1800ewaste, 1800 392 783.