How recently did you upgrade your computer equipment? In today’s fast paced technological age, it seems we have to update, upgrade and upscale every 3 or 4 years, or lose the race.

So responsible computer disposal needs to be a high priority for all responsible Australians who own a computer.

1800ewaste are the leading computer recyclers in the country and we are passionate about creating a sustainable environment for future generations.

Why Do We Need to Recycle Computers?

=> Every year, over 2 million computers are dumped in landfill sites, while only 500,000 are recycled. Dumping computer equipment has a devastating impact on our environment.

Just look at these statistics:

  • Used computer hardware, monitors, hard drives, circuit boards, batteries etc contain hazardous materials, including lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium and radioactive isotopes.

  • Every colour monitor contains approximately 2.5 kilos of lead. The dangerous toxins associated with lead are leached from landfill into our waterways and soil, or into the atmosphere via incinerated ash.

  • Excessive levels of lead in our bodies result in serious health issues including cancer, learning disabilities, behavioural problems, seizures and even death.

  • Cadmium is a recognised carcinogenic and chromium has been shown to cause high blood pressure, liver disease and brain damage in animals.

=> Almost 5% of e-waste is exported to third world countries where recycling methods are unsafe and unregulated. This dumping of our waste products in developing countries has resulted in an alarming increase in illnesses associated with computer recycle carcinogens in women and children.

Why 1800ewaste are the Responsible Computer Recyclers

1800ewaste are dedicated to diverting as much computer waste away from landfill and unethical export as possible.

Responsible computer recycle companies like 1800eWaste deliver your obsolete computer equipment to accredited computer recyclers where between 95% and 98% (by weight) will be fully recycled for future use.

Valuable materials worth recovering following computer disposal include a variety of plastic components as well as gold, aluminium, iron, tin, silicon and copper.

Company Recycling and Data Destruction Directives Lead the Way

1800ewaste provides computer recycling and responsible data destruction facilities to some of Australia’s leading companies.

It’s a sad fact that many major businesses stockpile obsolete computer equipment because they simply don’t know what to do with it.

1800ewaste will collect and recycle entire office basements. Our trucks will visit your site, load the ewaste and deliver it to the appropriate recycling facilities where almost 100% of the components can be fully recycled.

We ensure the safety and security of sensitive material by providing your company with a certificate recycling, which guarantee that all hard drive data has been destroyed.

Australian companies need to take a proactive approach to the responsible disposal of electronic waste and set an example for the rest of the business sector and, indeed, all Australians.

1800ewaste is the Computer Recycle Company You Can Trust

  • All 1800ewaste services are professional, reliable and fast and we guarantee our computer recycling is safe and environmentally friendly.
  • 1800ewaste use only accredited computer recycling facilities that are certified by ISO14001 standards, which govern the international regulations for the safe disposal of electronic waste.

If you believe in creating a sustainable future for all Australians, then call us today on
1800 392 783 to arrange your ewaste collection.