About 1800 EWASTE

We are Australia’s leading electronic waste (ewaste) collection and recycling service.

With three waste management experts (and brothers) James, Geordie and Hamish Gill in the drivers seat, we are 100% Australian owned and operated. We started out over 18 years ago in waste management with our company 1300Rubbish, over the years we have successfully expanded the business to be a national rubbish removal service.

Our extensive experience in the waste industry helped us to realise the enormity of the electronic waste issue in this country. Currently ewaste in Australia is being generated three times faster than any other municipal waste stream. Establishing a company specialising in ewaste not only felt like a natural progression from general rubbish but also an area where we could really make a difference.

The biggest hurdle our company faces is awareness, the vast majority of the population just don’t know what to do with their ewaste and unfortunately that means that most of it ends up in landfill. However, we believe that education is the key, the more people understand about the toxic effects of ewaste in landfill, the more passionate they become about diverting it. It is imperative that the ‘ewaste in landfill’ cycle is broken, it’s the only way technology can be a part of a sustainable future.

The team at 1800ewaste will collect and recycle any kind of ewaste, the list is endless but a few examples are … computers, screens, printers, photocopiers, scanners, keyboards, mobile phones, televisions, dvds, vcrs, microwaves, stereos, cameras, electric toys and much, much more.

1800ewaste recycle as much as possible, currently 95-98% (by weight) of all collected ewaste is fully recycled into secondary materials for future use.

Ewaste Recycling Truck 1800Ewaste
About 1800ewaste